Our Services We offer an array of services to enhance any space.

Traditional Design

Our traditional interior design service is primarily just that. Selecting gorgeous fabrics, designing your space to fit your needs, and on budget. We take our time honing in on creating a space you can call your own.


E-Design is for clients who just do not have the time to tend to their projects. This product is great for clients who are normally really busy, or simply want to shop on their own but need the professional push.

Space Planning

Whether you have a small apartment in the city, or a large 10,000 square foot home in the suburbs, we can properly space plan any home or commercial space. This includes re-arranging existing furniture or creating new.

Industrial Design

Custom furniture is a great way to utilize your space in a unique way. Our industrial designers can design any type of piece of furniture big or small. Our custom furniture lines stretch from traditional to modern.


Our defating team is trained in Architecture to be able to propoerly portray floor plans so your general contractors (and even you) can easily read them. Though we are not licensed architects, we can refer you to one!

Kitchen & Bath

We specialize in kitchen and bathroom designs from the ground up. Every detail from floor material to millwork is chosen carefully. Our kitchen and bath design is customized to each clients needs, wants, and their budget.


Our firm can handle full scale remodels for any commercial and residential project. From architecural planning, material selection, and space planning to full execution and accessorizing afterwards.

Artwork & Accessories

Every space eventually needs a facelift with art and accessorizing. Our team is fully equipped to access each space and enhance it with art work, photography, and accessories.


Though we offer an array of services, the below packages are for turn-key designs based on your individual needs and budget.


E-Design / Room

  • $

For- Quick design solutions:
  • ✓   Design Consultation
  • ✓   Measurements of Space(s)
  • ✓   Furniture Selection
  • ✓   Mood Board Emailed
  • ✓   Floor Plan Layout
  • ✓   Full Estimate of Materials
  • ✓   Includes One Revision
  • ✓   Additional Revisions (+)

Platinum / Room

  • $

For- Full Interior Design (not including kitchens and bathrooms):
  • ✓   Detailed Scope of Design Direction
  • ✓   Design Consultation
  • ✓   Measurements of Space(s)
  • ✓   Furniture Floor Plan
  • ✓   Design Presentation at Your Space
  • ✓   Funiture & Lighting Selection
  • ✓   Material Samples
  • ✓   Full Estimate of Materials
  • ✓   Includes Two Revisions
  • ✓   Purchase & Delivery Coordination

Design-Build / Area

  • $

For- Renovation projects:
  • ✓   Design Consultation
  • ✓   Budget Planning
  • ✓   Construction Floor Plans
  • ✓   Detailed Construction Elevations
  • ✓   Detailed Electrical Plan
  • ✓   Detailed Material List & Call Outs
  • ✓   Detailed Reflected Ceiling Plan
  • ✓   Full Material Selection
  • ✓   Paint Schedule
  • ✓   Full Estimate of Specified Materials
  • ✓   Up to 4-Hours of Project Management
  • ✓   Purchase & Delivery Coordination

Please Note
We do not list all pricing and packaging on our site.
Please contact our office if the above does not fit your needs.

Key: (+) = Additional cost.