About Our Firm

We've been a part of the community for over 9 years and aim to help enhance the way you live.

"We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us." - Winston Churchill
Our team is comprised of many talented and knoweldgeable individuals who love what they do. We also partner with hundreds of other companies to extend our capabilities. Some of these partners are general contractors, plumbers, electricians to name a few. These companies are among the best in their industry.

This enables us to complete projects with quality being the biggest priority.

Our Core Values

Every decision Studio Tumo makes is driven by our core values.


Ensuring we work hard with honesty, ethics and empathy for every client.


Continuously gain knoweledge and experiences to better assist our clients.


Always advocating for and supporting our clients through every step and process.


For people, our community, and the environment.

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At Studio Tumo, our process is very straight forward and easy to follow. All phases of the project ensure that at all times we are on the same page and understand the direction the design is going.


During this phase we are researching all that goes into making your space your own.

Cenceptual Design

We come up with a preliminary conceptual design that if approved will be the base for production.


We're shopping, choosing materials, and ensuring every part of your project is covered.


Installation of materials and execution of the design we worked super hard for.